Does your child suffer 
from bedwetting?

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The missing joy of a dry night’s sleep

Bedwetting or ‘Nocturnal Enuresis’ affects between 10-20% of children aged 5-12 who often feel embarrassed and ashamed of the problem. With the DRI-Sleeper alarm you and your child can finally start enjoying the benefits of dry nights. Find out how DRI-Sleeper works.

Why should you try the DRI-Sleeper Alarm?

Congratulations on a wonderful product - a God send to bedwetters and their families.

C. Witheriff - Gold Coast, Australia

Clinically proven - 90% success rate according to an independently audited study.

Made of conductive plastic, the Urosensors are kind on your child’s sensitive skin.

Developed by clinical psychologist Dr. Anthony Page with over 30 years experience in treating bedwetting in children.

Typical treatment time 6-8 weeks, suitable for both boys and girls.

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We recommend DRI Excel® DRI Eclipse® with complete confidence. We get outstanding results.

Pat Mount Pharmacy - Victoria, Australia

How does DRI-Sleeper work?

Our patented Urosensor™ can be placed inside a minipad that comfortably fits at the front of your child’s pajama pants.
When any trace of urine is detected the Urosensor™ triggers the alarm. Your child is now able to use the bathroom and avoid wetting the bed. With the continued support of parents or caregivers, we’ve observed the majority of children are conditioned to wake before urinating.

DRI Sleeper® bedwetting alarms by Anzacare
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